• Building a Canopy for a 125 Gallon Tank

    Well, its 2 AM and I just got pretty much done with the canopy.


    1 4x8 plywood (red oak)
    16 ft. large molding trim
    16 ft small molding trim
    17 ft smal angle modling trim (to make the cabinet doors)
    2 sets of hinges.

    1st: Cut the ply wood into strips to make the front and side of the cabinet:

    P9020006 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    2nd: Make sure the edges of the strips are 45 degrees to make the edges look good.

    P9020002 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    3rd: Mark and cut out the front cabinet doors. Do not throw away the cut outs, they will be used as the doors.

    P9020007 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    P9020010 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    4th: Cut the support beans from the left over ply wood.

    P9020011 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    5th : Assemble the front, sides and support beams:

    P9020012 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    P9020014 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    6th: Use the cut outs and right angle trim to make the cabinet doors. I mis calculated a was 1 inch short on the trim so 1 door is unfinished for now..

    P9020017 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    7th: Cut ply wood for top cover, and then add large molding to top cover and small molding to bottom of canopy:

    P9030024 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    P9030018 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    P9030021 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    8th: I still need to get some more trim to finish the last door tomorrow and then stain it and add the supports inside the canopy so it can rest on the tank and thats pretty much it..

    Testing to make sure it fits. Now, its just to be stained and then done..

    P9030027 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

    P9030025 by HangTheMan, on Flickr

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      imagirlgeek -
      Great post! Promoted to article.
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      Ballinxalex -
      Nice work
    1. ScorpiosWife's Avatar
      ScorpiosWife -
      Very nice!
    1. jsbaker's Avatar
      jsbaker -
      Very nice! Can I ask how tall you made it? I need to build a new one for my 110.
    1. Hangman's Avatar
      Hangman -
      the hieght of the front and side panels are 14". No particular reason other than to have enough room for my T5 lights and still have space to work around inside the canopy.
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      HERM -
      Very nice , great instructions too.
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      Outofexile86 -
      Nice job! very nice.
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      mistahoo -
      You should update the article with the final pic with the staining. It's really awesome!
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      New2petro -
      A finished picture would be great, it is a very nice job. Congrats on the build.
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      mistahoo -
      Quote Originally Posted by New2petro View Post
      A finished picture would be great, it is a very nice job. Congrats on the build.
      There's a finished picture on the thread for this. It was stained very nicely.

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