• Buffalohead cichlid (Steatocranus casuarius)

    Also known as African Blockhead. Both male and female have a pronounced fatty lump on their forehead, with the male's being significantly larger. They are blue-gray in color, and spend most all of their time on the bottom of the tank, much like a Goby.

    Often they mate for life. If one of the pair dies, the surviving buffalo head will not take on a replacement.

    Common Name:
    Buffalohead cichlid

    Scientific Name: Steatocranus casuarius

    Temperature pH Range Hardness (dH) Max. Size Min. Tank Size Swim Area
    75F - 82F 6.5 - 7.0 Up to 18dH 4 inches 55 gallons Bottom


    Central Zaire


    Additional Diet Information:
    Live, frozen, flake, and pellets

    Gender Difference:
    Males are longer and have a larger hump.

    Cave Spawner
    They generally lay between 20 and 60 eggs. Both parents care for the fry, and the male will become territorial during this time.

    Temperament/Social Behavior:

    • Peaceful
    • Docile
    • Might eat smaller fish
    Occasionally Available

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    1. aquabee's Avatar
      aquabee -
      You've been busy with articles lately! What a comical looking fish. Kinda like a mini front!
    1. Mandocruz06's Avatar
      Mandocruz06 -
      Yea they look nice fishland had a whole tank full
    1. ohmar606's Avatar
      ohmar606 -
      aaww they are so loyal , !
    1. sunkenmetal's Avatar
      sunkenmetal -
      pretty fish...

      i like the articles...
    1. imagirlgeek's Avatar
      imagirlgeek -
      Quote Originally Posted by aquabee View Post
      You've been busy with articles lately! What a comical looking fish. Kinda like a mini front!
      I've made it a personal goal to do 1 article per day. Even if there's not an excessive amount of info, at least the base info will be there.
    1. Cichlidfarm's Avatar
      Cichlidfarm -
      Steatocranus is a very cool sepcies.
    1. HERM's Avatar
      HERM -
      Are they schooling fish or can you keep 2 or 3 ? Thanks
    1. imagirlgeek's Avatar
      imagirlgeek -
      No, they don't school. Nor do they need to be in a large group to be happy. I've had as few as 2, and as many as 7 together and the behavior was the same in both scenarios.