• Red-Tailed Dwarf Puffer (Carinotetraodon Irrubesco)

    These are beautiful little puffers with strikingly red eyes. Generally rather sedate, they prefer plenty of places to hide. A planted tank is perfect.
    While this species can be as aggressive as puffers are known to be, an experienced keeper might find that they're able to keep one with other fish. Females are best for this and it still depends on the personality. I kept a female irrubesco in a 20 gallon tall with some small schooling fish and never had any problems.

    They show well in good lighting, but enjoy a dark place to retreat to.

    Common Name: Irrubesco Puffer, Red-Tailed Dwarf Puffer

    Scientific Name: Carinotetraodon Irrubesco

    Temperature pH Range Hardness (dH) Max. Size Min. Tank Size Swim Area
    72F to 80F 6.5 to 7.8 3 inches 20 gallons All Areas

    Life Span:
    Additional Diet Information:
    Similar to most puffers. Should find a crunchy food that will wear down its teeth.
    Gender Difference:
    Male and female irrubesco puffers look different enough that one might even think them different species if both are seen.

    For one thing, despite the name, only the males have a red tail, though both have red eyes. Furthermore, the mottling is clearer and more distinctive on a female.

    Males get noticeably larger than females and also have a ridge they can expand, but you'll only see it if they feel threatened or are courting a female.
    Egg Layer
    Temperament/Social Behavior:

    • Aggressive
    • Reclusive/Solitary
    • Timid/Shy
    Rarely Seen
    Additional Information or Photos
    Image attained from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Neale Monks.

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