• Auratus Cichlid (Melanochromis Auratus)

    Common Name: Auratus Cichlid

    Scientific Name: Melanochromis Auratus

    Belligerent and territorial, one male and four to five females should be kept together in an aquarium where there are plenty of hiding places. This cichlid is typically intolerant of other fish.

    Temperature pH Range Hardness (dH) Max. Size Min. Tank Size Swim Area
    72F - 79F 7.0 - 8.5 15dh 5 inches 55 gallons Bottom and Middle

    Lake Malawi
    Life Span:
    5 years
    Additional Diet Information:
    Flakes, frozen, algae
    Gender Difference:
    Juveniles: Bright yellow, with 2 white-edged black bars on the upper half of the body from the snout to the end of the caudal fin. A third, bordered dark line runs along the middle of the dorsal fin.

    Mature Male: Dark blue-black bodies marked by silvery blue horizontal lines.

    Female: Retain the yellow juvenile coloration.
    Maternal Mouthbrooder
    The female takes up the eggs which are fertilized orally. Her care lasts for about a week after the fry hatch.
    Temperament/Social Behavior:

    • Aggressive
    • Territorial
    • Aggressive when spawning
    • Males aggressive toward females
    Common Diseases:
    Malawi Bloat
    Easily Obtained

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    1. tunedis95's Avatar
      tunedis95 -
      I have a male and female...these guys are awesome characters...the male is just crazy when it comes to his little hiding spot....he'll kick anyones but..no matter size