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Thread: Spring 2014!

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    Charles, if that happens again, just give me a shout. My husband and I have several laptops and could easily bring one to the auction to help out.

    Quote Originally Posted by marauder_77868 View Post
    there were two computer problems going on... One was a software issue... But the other one was the fact that we only had one computer at the auction. we usually have two so that buyer sheets can be printed out at a separate location. every time someone wanted to check out while the auction was going on the person keying the items as they were sold had to back out of that screen and open another. This is a little tough to do on the fly.especially if you have never had to do it before. normally the second computer is getting real time information and as many print outs are necessary just aren't a problem
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    Well its a shame i missed it realy wanted to go but it just so happens that my fiance made an appointment to meet with the photographer for wedding that day so I missed it but I would like to go to the next one so keep me posted Thanks

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