I recently left town for a couple months and my neighbor offered to take care of my fish. Back in early June we had some really heavy storms and a subsequent 8+ hour power outage in my neighborhood. My neighbor didn't get back to my tank for probably a day.

90g fw. 1x Over 12" Tiger Oscar, several placo's, about 10 various cichlids. I have over twice the filtration I need and the tank has been running great for over year.... but... you have to have air for all those fish. During "the big freeze" I actually plugged my bubbler into my hybrid SUV to keep the air flowing.

Needless to say, the Oscar kicked it first and poisoned the tank and then it was down hill from there. The only thing left is a little clown pleco. The neighbor had to clean the tank out so it serves him right for not paying attention, but I lost a lot of good fish.

I'm starting over. Green algae on the sides and back, not tooooo bad. hard water scale around the lid. Normal stuff for a long running tank. I want to clean it up, but not tear it completely apart. I definitely don't want to move it. I have 1 little glow fish in there and a couple apple snails just so the bacteria will have something for lunch and keep the tank.... alive... so to speak.

Any suggestions on cleaning off the scale, drips, algae? I'm thinking this time I'll go with some blood parrots and a bunch of community fish.