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Thread: Assorted/Unsexed Mbuna Cichlids For Sale

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    Assorted/Unsexed Mbuna Cichlids For Sale

    20 assorted mbuna cichlids for sale. got them all as 1" juveniles and they've had a few months now to grow out. originally bought enough to stock this 75 gallon tank but somehow two orders were sent, and now that they're bigger the water changes are getting out of hand even with an fx4.

    I'm willing to part with 20, preferably as a group but also individually if needed. would be a pretty great instant mbuna tank as a group. they're happy, healthy, and very active. they're through the quarantine process and have been treated for parasites. Fish are all full size.

    $15 per fish
    $100 for group of 10
    $150 for group of 20


    if buying as a group for a new tank let me know and I'll be sure to include one of the sponge filters from the tank.

    here's a video of them from a couple of days ago

    let me know if you would like more photos or have any questions
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