:sigh: I'm starting to feel discouraged. I'm afraid I'll end up losing all my fish by the end of this mess.

I've been treating since last week. Started with super ich cure and have now switched to Ich X.

I got better heaters and have increased the temperature on both tanks. I feel like my fishless tank is fine since there are no fish, and there haven't been fish since it started cycling.

My established tank is not doing great. I've lost both clown plecos, 4 neon tetras, and 2 guppies.

I've been doing daily water changes to clean up the gravel and re-medicate. Water parameters are perfect.

I noticed an improvement on my pink glofish but the tail seems to be deteriotating. it lost a big noticeable chunk overnight.

My 2 female guppies are now covered in spots. The swordtails and platys have some spots.

I know its my fault for not quarantining the last batch of fish I got over Thanksgiving break.

Its just heart breaking. 2 of the tetras and 2 of the guppies that passed I'd had all year

I dont know if my fish will survive.

I've seen some on the gravel barely moving... this is usually right before they pass. I've started to see this as a sign of their imminent end.

I dont know what else to do.