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Thread: Wild Caught Betta Pallifina Pair

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    Wild Caught Betta Pallifina Pair

    Wild Betta Species Pallifina Pair 4in-4.5in $60

    I'm no longer working with this Wild Betta Mouth brooder species. These fish require a lid or they will jump.

    Diet: They pretty much eat anything. During feedings when the lid is open they will jump to try attack the food.

    Water Parameters: Kept in Tap water

    Breeding: Add some tannins in the water and they will breed . The male will usually hold the eggs to full term but sometimes does spit the eggs. Fry will accept baby brine shrimp once they're free swimming.


    Located in 77084

    Text: 832-287-8196 for pictures and faster response.
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