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Thread: Hello from Pasadena

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    Talking Hello from Pasadena

    My husband and I have lived in Pasadena since 1980. Our two boys graduated from Pasadena High.

    My current aquarium setup is two 55 gallon tanks stacked. Started a renewal stocking of both last year after my very old fish all died off. My oldest was a 25 year old Tin Foil Barb.

    Top tank is Angels, Tetras, Silver Dollars and cory cats.
    Bottom tank is Malawi Mbunas and Peacocks. Stayed with fish that only grow to 4-5" due to tank size.

    In the very near future I am replacing these 30+ yr old tanks with 75's which will also be stacked.


    Bad pic but shows setup. Don't know how to get it right side up
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