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Thread: 225 Gallon Reef Ready Complete Tank with Livestock-2000

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    225 Gallon Reef Ready Complete Tank with Livestock-2000

    I have a currently running 225 gallon reef tank for sale. It comes with furniture grade stand and canopy that is in great shape. The tank is about 10 years old and the seals are all in great shape. It is "brick style", meaning built with extra thick glass and no bracing across the top. It is drilled in both back corners and has a dual durso/dual return. It has an acrylic sump and 15 gallon ATO reservoir underneath. As I said its running, all equipment and livestock is included. All this for 2000



    Huge show quality Longfin Bannerfish/Butterfly - 6-7" long. Over 10 years in captivity
    Large actively breeding pair of maroon and gold clownfish. Lay eggs regularly. Kept by my over 10 years
    Medium Foxface - 5"
    Medium yellow tang - 4"
    Bird wrasse with an old injury on his beak - 5"
    Flame Hawkfish - 2.5-3"
    Bangai Cardinal - 2.5"
    Gigantic rose bubble tip anemone - 18" when its really open
    Encrusting purple and green coral colony

    The rest of the coral/fish have been sold off.

    225 tank, canopy and stand
    AquaMedic recirculating skimmer with original AquaMedic pump
    Jebao DCS return pump (replaced the old aqua medic pump)
    180w grow lamp over refugium.
    Odyssea 6ft 4 row reef ready light
    Acrylic sump perfectly fitted to stand
    15 gallon ATO
    Tunze osmolator (only a few months old)
    Jebao SCP 150 gyre pump
    Flipper max aquarium scraper
    Full 6 stage RO/DI filter with extra DI
    2 55 gallon food grade barrels plumbed with float vales to the RO/DI system
    500w titanium header
    40 gallon breeder hospital tank + stand + extra heaters + seeded sponge filters (important for the move!)
    Multiple pumps for backup/water changes
    Tons of API/Red Sea test kits
    A full 200 gallon box of instant ocean salt
    2 35 gallon Brute rolling trash cans - useful for move and for transporting fish/dirty water
    Lots of other used/old equipment - everything you would need to run the tank long term/quarantine new fish including fresh/frozen food

    I'm getting out of the hobby due to a new baby and work just taking up too much of my time. If this is your first saltwater tank this isn't the tank for you - its actually a very easy tank to maintain for its size, especially because the refugium does such a good job of nutrient export. But moving/setting up/dealing with issues on a tank this size is not for a newbie. If you have any questions please PM me or post in the thread!
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    If you would think about selling the BTA, please let me know. You can email me at
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