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Thread: Flower Pot patio ponds - No filter

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    Flower Pot patio ponds - No filter

    Anyone have any experience in Houston area keeping fish in small mini ponds? I have a few large pots (14-24) or so in diameter Im guessing they hold between 10 and 20 gallons of water and are placed below some trees making them get filtered sun for most of the day. Any chance of growing out African Cichlid fry in these? Im curious if anyone knows what might survive Houston winter as well.

    If anyone has done this let me know please!

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    Hi i keep guppys in summer in 29 gallon plastic containers,but when august comes i take them in.
    Several times i ended up making fish soup.
    Also i breed goldfish so when the cold comes i would put them outside.
    Be aware of some fast temperature changes ,because this fish can get sick fast too.
    I use some corner filter and air pump.

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