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Thread: Aquarium safe silicone

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    Aquarium safe silicone

    I have a couple tanks I am looking to reseal and already removed all old silicone. Was going to go with GE brand silicone 1 100% just for the price. When i went to purchase some at HD I notice now it says 7 year mold free i dont remeber it saying that in the past.

    Is this something new? is GE silicone one still safe for aquariums any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    I know this question was from awhile ago, but yes, that's the good stuff. Just make sure it's Silicon 1.

    From what I understand silicon itself is mold resistant. GE puts it on their labeling but it isn't due to any additives.

    I've heard there is a difference between basement/attic and kitchen/bath; kitchen/bath having a mold guard regardless of it being silicon 1 or 2. I've never confirmed this, though. It was easy enough to find the GE 100% basement/attic silicon 1, so it wasn't an answer I pursued.

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