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Thread: Thic flowerhorn needs a home

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    Thic flowerhorn needs a home

    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm looking to rehome my female short body magma flowerhorn. I recently moved into a new place with no room for the size tank that she requires. Unfortunately that means she's stuck in a small tank in the back of my closet for the time being and that's no way to treat an animal.

    She is probably more than 6" tall, a bit more long, and very thic. She has been tank mates with a severum in the past with no issues, but I'd keep her separated with a divider at first if you are introducing her to an established community tank.

    Hopefully someone out there can give her a better home than I can. Sorry about the crappy image. I could not get her to keep still long enough to focus.


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    Is fish still available?

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