Hey guys! It's been a loooooong time!

I used to live in Houston and participate in all the fish stuff and adored my aquariums but I moved to rural Alaska (off the road system)and had to get rid of my aquariums.

Since then, I rescued a frog another resident had up here. She was about 2.5", in a substrate-less tank less than a gallon but was living in her own poop, getting fed only 3 pellets every 4 days.

Froggo now has a 10g tank all to herself. She still has no substrate but lots of hornwort and java fern. I gave her some driftwood hides and formed my hornwort into a cool hidey hole for her. She's put on weight and has grown almost an entire inch since I rescued her.

She makes a mess, though! I need some friends to help clean up after her! I'm pretty new to frogs but I know that anything smaller than her mouth, she will eat so it makes me nervous to get small Kory-cats. A bushynose would be great but what other fish might help me keep her tank a little cleaner?