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Thread: 680G system mixed Tanganyikan

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    What is this... FISH you speak of?
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    680G system mixed Tanganyikan

    I just recently acquired a used 560G aquarium with a 120G sump. The aquarium measures 144x30x30. The aquarium with acrylic with a starfire front panel. The overflow is not a box that sits in the aquarium. It is on the outside and there is 3 of them.

    The stand is 47" tall.

    The filter will be 120G sump that will utilize 3 100 micron filter sock and 2 gallons of K3 kaldnes. A reeflo barracuda will pump the water back to the tank using 3 1.5" pvc. Also, I want to divert part of the flow to maintain the movement for the K3 kaldness.

    Plan to use 3 x 48" 5000k shop lights.

    I am currently making the background and boulders using insulation foam. The tank is heavy enough as it is and I used boulders in my 300g and I am so tired of them.

    For substrate, probably use 15 50# bags of pool filter sand. Maybe more, but i want to have atleast 4" of substrate

    Current stocklist:

    25 adult frontosa mpimbwe.
    7" clown loach
    some malawi trout that I am growing out
    8 mdoka white lip

    My goal is to make one side really rocky with boulders to have a group of various Julies and lamps. The other side to be plain. The plain side is to hopefully host a group of C. furcifer. I would love to see the male build a nest using the 4" sand bed. What do you think? is this achievable or do I need a bigger tank? The mpimbwe's will go where ever they wanna go.

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    awesome tank!! congrats on the new tank
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    Monster!!!! Can't wait to see it.
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