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Thread: Sound off GHACer's!

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    Sound off GHACer's!

    Let us know your here, this is Roy and happy to see you made it over.

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    What is this... FISH you speak of?
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    Sup Roy? This is Jim / James. Here and back, I've never spent a whole lot of time here in the past, but I have bought a couple things here and read some posts before. I don't recall if I've ever posted any threads though Says I've posted 13 times but I believe they were all comments / replies.
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    So, those are scales.
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    This is Katie Brueggen. This use to be my go-to back before Facebook became what is was. Kind of happy to take a step back from social media.

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    Look at me! I'm new here.
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    What's up! Revived from the dead! Awesome

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