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    Look at me! I'm new here.
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    New to FishBox

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, and only a few years (maybe 4) into the hobby. Born and raised in Hou.I have 8 tanks running at the moment ranging from 5 gallons to 105 gallons. I have been a member of GHAC since shortly after I got reeled in to the hobby.

    My other half spent an extended time in the hospital after an emergency surgery. He had been in the hobby for about 15 years. He had on 55g African Cichlid tank at the time. Lost most of his fish while he was in the hospital and I stayed there with him to keep an eye on him. So, I decided I wanted to learn so that I could care for his fish properly in case of another emergency.

    We built his African Cichlid community back up. I spent hours, days, months of his recovery researching. We watched YouTube videos with our coffee every morning. I stumbled across HCC and then GHAC on FB. We moved the African group in to a 105g tank and I got the 55g for plants and community fish. Now we have 8 tanks running that I care for mostly. I have a little YouTube channel I play around with to share the hobby and community, and as a creative outlet.

    I was recommended to this forum by an admin of GHAC. FB is messing with our community, but I refuse to let them ruin the joys of the hobby and this awesome community.

    Thank you you for allowing me to join.

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    Hey Michelle! Welcome aboard!!

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    Welcome! Sometimes it's nice to step back to private forums

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    So, those are scales.
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    Please share your channel name with us! I'd love to check it out and see how everyone else manages their collectoritis (I have 5 personal tanks and maintain at least as many others)


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