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Thread: What is this Crap!

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    What is this Crap!

    Hello I知 new to the Saltwater Game and started a Nano 10gl and has been running smooth for the past 5 months now all of a sudden this Alge crap has grown out of control no matter how many times I pick it out! How do I get rid of this crap! I知 doing 50% water changes every Sunday, Filter Floss ETC..! How do I get rid of it and prevent it from coming back! Thanks. Sorry guys I知 still an amateur here. Go easy on me.
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    What is this... FISH you speak of?
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    Algae uses nitrate/phosphates for food/fuel. Water changes are a good way to reduce. Are you vacuuming the substrate when you do water changes?

    How much and what are you feeding the fish?

    Is there any place in your nano to add a bag of granular ferric oxide? Ferric oxide is a phosphate remover. If you are running a protein skimmer you could dose vodka or vinegar. The bacteria that this feeds also consume nitrate/phosphate.

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