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Thread: Looking for Show Quality Guppies

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    Looking for Show Quality Guppies

    Hi everyone, I am new to the and I am looking for show quality guppy pairs or trios locally. Does anyone know of a show breeder or a local vendor that gets in good show quality guppies? I've been to Petco and Petsmart for many years and they don't really get much outside the Cobra family, if they even get a quality Cobras, most are just written off as assorted Fancy Guppies. They also get Tequila Sunrise guppies but there is now a strain called Orange Sunrise on that looks similar but is obviously not the same.

    I would like to buy a larger order from to get free shipping but even if I got a pair of each of his guppies I wouldn't spend over $100, so I decided to look locally first to save on shipping and decide which ones to order from after getting some fishlocally. I do intend on breeding them and possibly selling them locally, that is why it is so important to start with quality fish. If I were to get some great fish locally, I could buy un-related pairs from to prevent direct inbreeding. That is my goal and intention. I would not trust anyone else to combine an online order at this time, but if I were to order pairs from, it could be possible to trade either a male or female for another type of guppy family. I would pay for the order and work it with someone separate from the online order. I have made a plan to get one male for 2-3 females from LiveAquaria to get my pink guppies but he only sells pairs, and I can keep the others, but thought that maybe other people might be interested since they might be males. If other people keep track of how they cross their males, then I could always buy or trade a show guppy from that person rather than setting up 8-10 separate tanks. There are not many guppy vendors in Houston that are local hat do not get their fish from Thailand. With a site like, and, just stores that already likely buy from outside sources, we could create our own guppy strains within the US. I've been looking for guppies for over 3 months and there are not many in the USA. They are very prolific, so you can guide their color changes in less than a year but because they are livebearers you have to isolate and separate genders to ensure they are not impregnated with another fish from another color family. This is what gets difficult when you are a small breeder. If another person only had one pair or trio in their tank, they could know that all survivors were from their respective color families, since I like the guppies I could get fish pick for color and show qualities or trade, and since I will have a 29 community tank, it might be possible that I could allow a pair or trio of another type of fish to use my tank if someone else had similar goals as long as they are compatible. I plan on making dividers with plastic canvass to divide the genders of my guppies.

    Earlier this week I ordered a separate tank for quarantine and another for fry. By Thursday I will have a 29 gallon, a 10 gallon, and a 5 gallon so I will be better prepared to actually begin purchasing since they are highly likely to breed in this season.
    Anyone else interested in fancy guppies? My favorite colors are pastel and neon colors of pink, blue, and green, but when they turn neon they become magenta, turquoise, and a neon mint color with lots of corals and orange colors. I would like to breed guppies into colors outside what are just primary colors. Now with Glofish, I think that younger children could appreciate them just as well or more when the fad wanes, and since they are not so expensive, adults could afford to buy their kids a new pair every week or month, or quarter, if they wanted to.

    I have a gorgeous pair of Bettas that are ready to mate, but I was unprepared and they both live freely in my 29 Gallon, which is just too ample for their breeding. I am confident they will try again once I change their water and set them up either in the 5 gallon or the 10 gallon and if the fry survive they should be marbled. I would like to get some white, platinum, and transparent with marbling on top, which is what they are calling Koi bettas. To get a fancy Betta is also no reliable in Houston and the one available in private shops are mostly Veiltails that are Red-to-Blue. I really enjoy Betta fish also. I was a huge Aquaria fanatic as a kid but am the only one in my household that enjoys the hobby, so i just got back into it again as an adult. I used to dive as a child and would like to get back into that also. I'm not married and don't have kids, so this is going to make me feel more like an adult and also like a kid again at the same time.

    I'm not a fan or hostile fish. I enjoy the Betta but I don't enjoy their mating behaviors. I am also becoming intrigued by the kilifish which is supposed to be peaceful in a well planted tank. So, this post is primarily about looking for Show guppies, but I would also be interested in show Bettas, and am looking to start a Betta Sorority to introduce back into my 29 gallon after planting it.

    Thanks for listening!

    My current tanks (in Gallons):
    29- two bettas and two Emerald Corydoras
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    Hello, I am new here also. I just started breeding guppies. I have like 400 babies at this time and my guess they are all fancy guppies. I do trios of black moscow which I am separating right now so that I can Isolate just pure black moscow. I have 20 gallons and 2x 10 gallons inside my house and I have 4 ppond outside the house to breed them.

    I am waiting for the fry to grow big so that I can separate them. Once I have have plenty pure breed guppies we can trade guppies for more breeding.

    I have approx 40 fancy male guppy in my 4x4x2 ft pond. breeder in 6x3x2 ft pond with babies in same pond approx 400 of them.

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    Hi Im just getting into guppies itís been about 2 month and looking for good quality ones lol Iím by UofH area, what strains do you have? If u prefer to text 7134549226

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    If you have facebook search for dylan guppy, he has a great listand is in Htown. You could also check out the app called, Band. On it you can search for guppy groups, one guy with a good selection and prices is Hue guppy but i dont believe he's in Texas.

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    I just started breeding Edler's and Panda Guppys, looking to for more species too, but I am afraid I am going to run out of space soon. I am keeping each strain in their own tank, and only have one empty tank left.

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    I have Red Koi, Black Koi, Dumbo Mosaic guppies.
    300 Gallon Moshi, Clown loaches.
    180 Gallon Red Bulu, Clown Loaches.
    120 Gallon Ikola, Clown Loaches.
    92 Gallon Duboisi, Clown Loaches.
    40 Gallion fry.
    10 Gallon fry.
    33 Gallon Shrimp.
    4000 Gallon Koi.

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