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Thread: My new tank

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    My new tank

    After getting rid of all my freshwater stock and tearing down my 60g planted tank I picked up a 65 gallon with live rock and a few other goodies from a fellow member on here. Right now parameters are solid though Iv only had the tank up and running for 2-3 weeks. All the live rock and sand has already been through a cycle so I got a better jump start. I went ahead and added 5 green chromis and a small cuc. I repurposed my planted tanks t5ho retrofitted lights and swapped out 4 bulbs with 2 actinic and 2 18000k lamps. lights are temporary till I get an led fixture. Thinking of trying out the marsaqua 300watt fixture. I epoxied a couple of rocks and I still feel I need more to the scape. you tell me

    Filtration will change aswell, not sure what rout I will go but for now I'm running 2 marineland penguin 350 hob

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    what did you end up doing for filtration?


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