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Thread: Keeping the fry tanks clean

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    Oh ok yeah I see how that can look like dust bunnies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
    I know what is going on. Each spawn will have some unfertilized eggs and they are growing fungus. I use methylene blue but do water changes after the fry hatch until there is no blue left. That gives the bad eggs the opportunity to grow fungus. Maybe I need to leave the methylene blue in the tank a little longer.

    And, any fry that die will add to the fungus.
    Ah, that makes sense. Glad you got it figured out

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    Clown Pleco's L206 are wood eaters. they like to fresh vegetables. Not to good with fry food. But cory's are great little fish.
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    I was hoping to see something looks like bunny lol

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