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Thread: 2 Tanks for Frogs or other Reptiles/Amphibians

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    2 Tanks for Frogs or other Reptiles/Amphibians

    I have two tanks for sale. One with a water feature one without. Both are built by me with false bottoms and live plants. These would work well with Dart Frogs, some lizards that need a wet environment. Humidity in these tanks are 80%+.

    75 Gallon - With Stand on casters (wheels) easy to move around, Glass lid, Water feature, live plants. I am asking $375 obo

    40 Gallon breeder - customized the tank, on its side with front sliding doors. False bottom, live plants. Beautiful tank. Must see to appreciate. I am asking $275 obo

    No pets available, only tanks.

    Houston pickup only. In Spring Branch. I-10 and Gessner. Close to Beltway 8 West and Clay Road.

    75 Gallon - This video is about a year old for the 75 gallon. It does not have all the plants now that it did then. It does have a couple of broms and a couple of other plants. You can add more plants as you wish. This tank does have snails in it which if you don't control by feeding and killing the ones you see, they will eat your plants. We were able to control them ourselves. Or if you want, before you add any pets, you can bomb the tank with dry ice to suffocate the snails first, you can do that as well. I also have lots more pictures all the work put into making this tank.

    75 Gallon -

    75 gallon1.jpgIMG_1548-L.jpg
    These ones above are older pics, here are newer pics

    40 Gallon -
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