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Thread: Zeus the 16" MBU

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    Zeus the 16" MBU

    So a friend of mine had to move to California and he left me with his 250g tank with a 16" MBU a month ago. The only complaint I have to say is that this guy drains my bank with the fresh crawfish and gulf shrimp I have to provide him. He's grown and changed quite a bit since my friend bought him about 8 months ago. When he was still about 11", 8 months ago at Fish Gallery, we was pretty damn shy and would not let anyone pet him. Now he's grown 7" larger and loves people's company. These guys are one of the best puffers you can get, pretty docile unless some bully decides to mess with him. He doesn't mind the hundreds of corys swimming all around his body while he's napping and is great friends with my Central/South American biotype fish. Highly recommend this puffer species if you want a peaceful giant.

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    wow he looks awesome! I'd love to see more pics or videos of him

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    He looks great!
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    Aw, Zeus...great name. He's adorable, I agree some videos are needed!

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    love the colors on him. beautiful fish.

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    He is really cool! Have wanted one but no tank big enough yet.
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