For this week, we got a special arrival of Albino Baby Axolotl. Get them quick because we only have 4 of them in stock!!

Expected arrivals for Monday the 7th: Kois and Discus!

Arrivals for April 3rd.....
Panda Platy
Marigold Tuxedo Platy
Neon Swordtail
Olive Nerite Snails
Black Phantom Tetra
Medium Neon Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Paleatus Corydoras
Florida Gar
Yellow Baenshi Peacock
Bi Colour Maulana
Large Java Fern
Undulatus Bulb
Capuroni Bulb
Vesuvius Sword Plant
Ruffle Sword Plant
Cardinal Plant
Water Onion
Assorted Anubias