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Thread: New Nano Tank and Refugium Project!!

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    New Nano Tank and Refugium Project!!

    So I decided to put some effort into my second nano tank that serves as my second mantis shrimp's home. I'm not very well knowledgeable about saltwater keeping but I'm trying to work things out as I learn. In this project, I've made a nano refugium with macro algae instead of using a conventional filter.

    Tank: ADA 30C 8 Gallon Cube
    Lighting: Wave Point LED
    Filtration: Modded Breeder with ZooMed 501 cannister filter, Koralia Powerhead.
    Livestock: Mantis Shrimp, 2 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimps, 1 Unidentified Pistol Shrimp, 1 Microcrab, Snails, Hermits.
    Corals: Frogspawn, Pulsing Xenia, Green Neon Flower Pot, Purple Flower Pot.

    Here is what the tank currently looks like. The substrate has been disturbed due to me cleaning the glass and moving the live rock around.

    I've been told that canister filters are nitrite factories so I did a little adjustment to my filtration system. I've removed all the media and decided to integrate it into a small refugium I've made with a small breeder. In this picture, here lives my small Pistol Shrimp family and my crab. I have Dragon's Tongue Macroalgae on top my mini invertebrate family to stop the heavy water disturbance on the bottom of the breeder.

    I hooked up my empty cannister filter into the breeder where the water gets dumped and cleaned out by the macroalgae and my inverts.

    Here it is in operation.

    I've never ran a refugium before. Not in my other 6.5g saltwater nano. My other tank is currently on a black out due to algae growing on the sand.

    Will trade Fish Stuff for Camera Lens and Anime Figures.

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    Interesting idea with the HOB/Breeder you got going on.

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    Cool mod u did there. Thinkin about doing refugium mod myself.

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