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    New Stocklist

    Cooperband Butterfly
    Moorish Idol
    Sebae's Anemonefish
    Madder Seaperch
    Square Anthias
    Red Stripe Goby
    Decora Firefish Goby
    Fire Fish Goby
    Yellow Tail Blenny
    Filament Fin Wrasse
    Six Line Wrasse
    Carpenter's Wrasse
    Brown Sailfin Tang
    Indian Mimic Tang
    Black-Eared Surgeonfish
    Black-Eared Surgeonfish
    Tomini Bristle Tooth
    Black-spot surgeonfish
    Orange Tail Blenny
    Yellow Clown Goby
    Chinese Zebra Goby
    Yellowrose Goby&shrimp
    Yellow Tail Tamarin
    Dragon Wrasse
    Emperor Angel (M)
    Regal Angel(pacific)
    Yellow Anthias
    Porcupine Fish
    Dog Face Puffer
    Purple Banded Shrimp
    Tiger Cowry
    Red Zebra Satrfish
    Cooperband Butterfly
    Indian Mimic Tang
    Square Anthias
    Blue Striped Hermit Crab
    Spot Bali Starfish
    Red Zebra Satrfish
    Turbo Snail

    Here are some of the pics of the fish in stock. There all healthy and eating. Sorry the photos are not very good but soon I will have better camera.

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