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Thread: Puffer dentistry

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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Got 'er done!

    I noticed today that the top left tooth was starting to get into his bottom lip. ┬*I decided to bite the bullet and just do it. ┬*My plan was to have details for you guys, but it took much longer for him to go out than I expected and I stopped watching the clock. ┬*I only used 1/4 tsp for 5 liters of water, and 1 tsp of Sodium BiCarbonate to fix the pH. ┬*If I ever have to do it again, I might consider upping it a little. ┬*However, after the clipping I put him in another bucket with fresh water that had been aerating during the whole process. ┬*He perked right up and I put him back in his tank. ┬*

    I know I didn't clip them as short as I could have, but at least now they aren't digging into his lip and hopefully he'll be able to eat crunchy things!

    Glad THAT'S over. ┬*
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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Congrats on your successful dentistry! ┬*It was probably more traumatic for you than the puffer. ┬*I'm sure if there's a next time it won't be so bad - at least now you know what to expect. ┬*There probably would have been other things to deal with if they'd been trimmed too short, glad you took the cautious route.
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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Help support (C)atfish (A)nd (K)ool Pleco's; Houston's premier fish club
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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    ┬* ┬* ┬*:rockon: Yea! ┬*Now have a drink and relax! artyman: I'm so proud of you.
    A house without a puffer is not a Home.

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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Congrats! I'm sure he feels much better.
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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Girlgeek... Fish Dentist Extrodinaire
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    Re: Puffer dentistry

    Congrats! Now that's hardcore. Did your puffer's HMO cover that, or was it considered "cosmetic"? ┬*
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    Yes that's great news

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