• Panama Pacific Water Lily

    Common Name:Nymphaea 'Panama Pacific'
    Scientific Name: Panama Pacific Water Lily

    pH Range
    Hardness (dH)
    Max. Height
    55F + 6.5 - 8.5 Any 6 feet Plantlets Easy

    Origin Growth Rate
    Position in Aquascape
    Amazon Fast
    • High
    • Medium

    Tropical, day blooming water lily

    Panama Pacific is one of the most beautiful and prolific water lilies ever. This brilliant water lily features deep purple flowers and emerald green leaves. It is a very hardy day bloomer that produces lots of fragrant flowers over a long growing season.

    Originally intended for outside ponds, these lilies will grow up to a spread of 8+ feet. HOWEVER, recent experiments confirmed that lilies will amazingly adapt to their pot size. The larger the pot, the larger the plant will grow (…and it can bloom regardless of plant size!)

    What this means for our indoor aquatic enthusiasts is that these wonderful plants could become one of the new trends in aquascaping in the very near future. Miniature versions of these lilies have already been successfully grown in aquariums.

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