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    How to submit a Fish Profile?

    Link to the Fish Profile Form

    How to submit a Plant Profile?

    Link to the Plant Profile Form

    Important information:

    • Any Fish profiles you submit must be your own work. If you want to reference a specialist, that's okay, but try not to make it the bulk of the profile. A few sentences are okay, but make sure you note who the author is. I will look up each profile to assure it has not been plagiarized. This includes information copied from Wiki Commons.
    • Photos must be yours, or at least not copyrighted. If the photo is not your photo, please include a note with the link to it's original location.
    • Once you submit the form, the profile will be reviewed and published.

    How do I attach photos?

    Post a link to the photo(s) in the editor at the bottom of the form. Please don't use the 'manage attachments' option as this will count against your personal account quota and eat into your attachment limit. Posting a link will not affect your file space.