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  1. Corals / Live Rock, live sand / Fish for sale.

    Trying to part out this system or sell as a whole.

    Contact me at 281 728-1535.

  2. Customer Appreciation Sale This Saturday and Sunday

    Dear All,

    Visit our store to get some extreme deals this Saturday and Sunday at our Customer Appreciation Sale.

    Some Feature deals:

    Extreme Deals Reg. Price Sale Price
    Red Sea Max 250 $2,099 $1,350
  3. Tropheus

    Wanting Purple lufubu,Mplungu,Red Rainbow and Ilangi.looking for any size
  4. Austrolebias nigripinnis

    Here's my blog on BPK. The blog will be more of a photo/video update every now and then since I have a log on these guys that I update each day.

    Equipment specs:
    5-sided 1 gallon tank
    Air pump (Elite799)
    Plastic plants
    Peat Moss

    Proposed Diet:
    Primarily Live Microworms
    Hikari First Bites
    Hikari Freeze-Dried Daphnia
    Live Daphnia
    NLS .5mm

    Photobucket album link

    Austrolebias Nigripinnis Log link
  5. Adventures in Aquariums - OR what you dont do

    Hello. Im writing this as a kind of online track of every mistake I made with my aquariums.
    Some of its funny. Some of it is sad. Alot of it is just stupid. Yes, I said it so you dont have to.

    First I bought a small 2 gallon from petsmart. Along with filter and gravel and food it cost me $50. it was a name brand one. Here's something that I didnt know. Bet you already knew though. Cause you are experienced and probably dont have OCD. In the stores a 2.5 gallon costs ...