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  1. Krib Pictures

  2. Corkscrew Val


    Excuse the reflection in the window, but this is some of the corkscrew val. Has grown well in my tank.
  3. Corals / Live Rock, live sand / Fish for sale.

    Trying to part out this system or sell as a whole.

    Contact me at 281 728-1535.

  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been an emotional year for me! Moving my 4 - 55gal tanks from the house we lost in Harvey, to a small rental. We have found a new home in Florida but since most of my fish are over 10 years old I didn't want to put them through the stress of such a long move. I reached out to HFB and the response has been overwhelming!!! I am 60 years old and been in the hobby for almost 40 years! The decision to give up my babies (most of which I've raised) has been extremely difficult but I want the best ...
  5. 11 gar for sale!! Must go!! $65

    I have 1 11 gar that I am selling. Need to get rid of him ASAP. Great condition and very easy to care for just want to redo my tank and need to get him sold. Bought him and wasnt sure 100% if he was an alligator or spotted but Im almost positive hes a Florida. Will also be interested in trading. $65

    Updated 01-07-2019 at 10:24 PM by Evangod6

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