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  1. Cheap Carbon Filter Alternative

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    S - Slip
    FPT - Female Pipe Threaded
    MPT - Male Pipe Threaded

    Average Total Cost:

    *- Price may vary. I paid $1.13 for a 3/4"x10ft
  2. Austrolebias nigripinnis

    Here's my blog on BPK. The blog will be more of a photo/video update every now and then since I have a log on these guys that I update each day.

    Equipment specs:
    5-sided 1 gallon tank
    Air pump (Elite799)
    Plastic plants
    Peat Moss

    Proposed Diet:
    Primarily Live Microworms
    Hikari First Bites
    Hikari Freeze-Dried Daphnia
    Live Daphnia
    NLS .5mm

    Photobucket album link

    Austrolebias Nigripinnis Log link