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  1. The little goldfish just couldn't

    After 28 days of fighting, Trooper just couldn't keep going. He passed on last night. Despite all the improvements he had made, he just didn't have the strength to beat all the parasites that had invaded his tired little body. It was hard last night when I found him and he'd stopped breathing, but today I've decided that he taught me so much that I will honor him by passing along the knowledge.

    This information is going to be especially useful for those of you who have ponds. ...
  2. The little goldfish that could - the 1st 18 days

    When I was a little girl, I remember having this long sleeved t-shirt that had a tiny cartoon mouse pulling a huge cartoon elephant by the tail. Underneath the graphic it said, "Where there's a will, there's a way". It's so weird that a tshirt could make such an impact on me that I think of it often, even 30 + years later. When I pulled this goldfish out of our pond, I said to him, "Okay little dude. If you have the will, I have the way." So far we've both kept up our sides ...
  3. Success Story - Including before and after pics

    I wanted to share this success story with my fellow box'ers. Some of you know the history of these guys, but for those of you who don't, I'm going to document it here.

    Back in late February 2008, I drove out to pick up some fish from a friend at a LFS. He had mentioned having some Tropheus Moliros that he had received in a large order that were very sick when they came in. He offered to let us have them since they were in such bad shape and he wasn't going to be able to sell them. ...