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  • Hello!

    Hi there, I am so excited to join a Houston fish forum and get connected with the aquatic community! Am I new to fish? Yes and no lol. I had a 20-gallon tank when I was young, but it was short lived, and I had no clue how to care for a single platy. I always wanted to give it another try and as luck would have it, I found myself with a rescued betta back in November of 2022 and placed him a little vase on my windowsill. Jokes! I have him in a planted 10-gallon with his mystery snail friend Gary.
    My next plan is to get a 55-gallon tank and stock it as a peaceful community with snails, shrimp, kuhli loaches, harlequin rasboras, and an SAE (still working out a good centerpiece). Still looking for a tank but would love to post progress here!

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    Hello, Neeno4646. Welcome to HFB.