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    So, this site came up in my search for CO2 beyond just google options. I narrowed things down to a few places within the Loop / near the loop.

    I had snapped a photo of a pricelist the last time I was hunting things down and IIRC the place was Big Tex on Long Dr and in my case 10# would have been $14 according to that. At the time though I had an expired 20# tank and wanted to go to the 10# for saving space and easier to move around. Well, that was the first issue choosing to either extreme prices $100+ or find a local place that had some in stock. I searched and emailed a bunch of places and Linde on Chimney Rock had 2-3 available. IIRC they charged a total around $25 and didn't check the cylinder until after already leaving with the full new-er tank.

    ​Anyway... since that fiasco and knowing there were better fill prices out there from prior experience I decided to investigate again before it ran out and that was coming quickly as the tank gauge was dipping from green > white > red fairly quickly. Most of the posts here and other places though were all 10 years old...

    So, as of today I went and filled @ AWG on Market. Pricing is $1/lb and hazmat fee of $8.35 Out the Door for under $20 and took just a few minutes even with the rookie on the pumper station.

    I also looked into other places for 10# refills...

    Industrialfiretx - $60 -- There's always 1 of these jokers in the marketplace

    Big Tex - Long Dr - Screen Shot shows $14

    Airgas - $25 according to my online pricing account

    Linde - $21-36 ?

    Matheson - $22 -- 3-4 days to fill...guess they don't do it onsite @ houston st location

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    Have you tried beverage barn? There's one on 9204 richmond. $12 for #5 if I remember correctly.


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      Originally posted by Daveyhorl99 View Post
      Have you tried beverage barn?
      I think I spotted a review / complaint about them just equalizing pressure between bottles vs actually filling it to weight or only doing swaps.

      The fill I got in the OP though seems to be more than expected though as the gauge was reading maxed out for the supply side. I think they might have done something funky with the fill as it's now just normalized on the tank gauge to sit in the "green" area. Not bad for a couple months of use daily. Now to see how long it lasts until the next fill.