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Leaking Fluval 206 fix

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  • Leaking Fluval 206 fix

    Hey y'all,

    I pulled out one of my older filters (Fluval 206) that I remember leaking. My memory did not disappoint, it leaks out the side by where the latch is. However, this time I tried to fix it.

    I saw a bunch of threads saying to change the o-ring. I didn't feel like this was the problem, o-ring seems fine. However I did notice that the latches securing the top weren't doing anything. I could close the latch and hear it click, but then I could pry the lid open ever so slightly. Even with the latches secured the top was loose.

    To fix this I took some tubing I had, cut 4 small pieces for each latch, cut a slit down the length to open it up, and slid them over the contact points on the latches. This time it was difficult to snap the latches closed, but guess what? No leaks!

    The current problem is I don't like this fix. Although it helped understand the problem I feel it is putting extra strain on the latches. So, any ideas? I'm thinking a piece of tubing with a smaller wall thickness or just a dollop of silicon where the latches make contact.

    Any other suggestions? I'm hoping to brainstorm a bit before hooking this up to a live tank.

    Shrimps and Prime Rib.