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    Originally posted by ptran View Post
    Ron Moba is in the house. You factory still going strong?
    The colony has been in my 180g tank since Jan 2005 and they began spawning within 3 mos of getting them so my best guestimate is they are between 12-14 years old. They are still spawning and started slowing down a little about 2 years ago. Frankly, I haven't had the time to strip them, tumble the eggs and raise the babies in my floating nurseries. I've sold fry to a few folks that have been waiting a very long time but mainly I've been letting the moba mommas hold and spit. The babies have been some expensive feeders. Keeping up with a spawning moba colony takes time which I don't have these days due to a new job I started over a year ago. I spend alot of evening time with my 2 yr old grandson which I truly enjoy.

    The colony is healthy and eating well. I may make a few changes to the factory. LOL I have to remove several large pieces of holey rock to catch a momma that's holding eggs and ready to strip. I may remove a few hiding places, but then again that could cause more problems with positioning/aggression.

    Thanks for the shoutout bro!
    180g Oceanic w/colony of 8 WC Moba Fronts (1m/7f) purchased from TNT Cichlids in Jan '05 & numerous fry. 1 F1 adult moba male. 2 2217 Eheims, 2 6080 Tunze Streams, WISA airpump, single stage Johnson ETC.....fishkeeping since 1988.


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      Originally posted by RonR. View Post

      Thanks for the shoutout bro!
      Welcome back bro!
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