I’m moving across the country and I need to rid myself of all my equipment.

2215 Eheim canister filter with quick disconnect (empty of media but I am including 3 new fine filter pads and 1 new carbon filter pad) - $40

20g long tank with lid (never used) and brand new in package Coralife 30” T5 aqualight fixture with 2 extra 18w T5 bulbs (10,000k) - $50

Unopened Aquaclear powerhead 30 - $20

8g used rimless Aqueon tank with back wall internal filter pump (with extra new filter). Also has led lighting system attached. - $15

2.5g used tank with lid -free

30g used tank with lid - free

Bucket of freshwater plant nutrients, etc (Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish nitrogen, Florin-K, Florin-Fe, FlorinAxis, Flourish phosphorus, Flourish Tabs, phosphate testing kit) -$25

2 30” light fixtures (not sure if they work) - free

3 submersible aquarium heaters

new 12” LED light and airstone- $10

bag of medications (E.M. Erythromycin, 2 boxes of general cure, parasite guard, melafix, rid-ich, amoxfin, pimafix, quick cure, acurel bodyguard rx) - $15

Eheim quick vac pro - $10

2 air pumps

3 “hang on side” filter pumps with extra new filters - $5/each

Miscellaneous rocks, wood, substrate, fake plants and decorations - free

10g metal tank stand (holds 2 10g tanks) - $10

Solid wood 30g tank stand with storage compartment - $15

Lots of other stuff too.

Please pm me. I will negotiate. Thanks.