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Thread: Whatís your favorite livebearers?

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    Whatís your favorite livebearers?

    Hey just thought it would be fun to see who still reads and post things here so tell us what is your favorite live bearer fish. Even if you donít currently keep it or itís a bucket list fish. Mine would have to be the guppy simply because there will always be a soft spot for the fish that brought me back into this hobby a few years back witch honestly got me thru a very dark and troubling time for me and Iím not afraid to say watching my old colony of guppies saved my life at one point and I will always have at least one guppy tank for the rest of my life.

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    Guppies and more guppies fascinating fish
    They make me come back to them
    Because of their genetics.

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    Guppies 😬. finally got a hold of white and moscow guppies. I hope they will replicate

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    I just got white snake skin trio yesterday one of them is about to pop already (got lucky with her) I can already see the eyes of the babies canít wait to see them

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    i have a tank of mollies and platys. supply the aquatic science kids at my school with lots of babies! i like the girl fish - i think they have lots of personality.

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    Black Moscow guppies and pineapple sword tails
    ELOS 120 - Retroculus Xinguensis, Geogphagus Neambi
    5g AIO Betta, Pygmy Cories

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    I just got into these humpback limia. I got a pair at the auction. I lost my male but love my female. I will have to find more somewhere.

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    Hello all at the moment I am keeping / breeding the following wild type livebearers with varying group sizes and mixed success so far as some of them I just recently got within the past few months. List as follows: (Xiphophorus couchianus, The Monterrey Platy), (Xiphophorus xiphidium, Rio Purification, The Spiketail Platy), (Micropoecillia picta, The Scarlet livebearer aka Red Picta), (Skiffia francesae, The Golden Skiffia), (Ameca splendens, The Butterfly Splitfin), (Goodea atripinnis, The Blackfin Splitfin), (Xiphophorus helleri, The Rio Otapa Swordtail) and lastly for now ( Limia sp.Tiger, The Tiger Limia). Most but not all of these are on the CARES and ICUN lists of endangered species. With that said I guess maybe my favorite at this moment is maybe the least endangered and easiest to breed (at least for me) the Spiketail Platy, those little guys are putting on a big show for their ladies just dancing and carrying on all across the tank Lastly although it's not the most active group on Facebook I am one of the admins for the Houston Livebearer Club Facebook group. Look it up if you'd like to at

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