Hi everyone,
This site seems like it may be dying off, but I hope not because it's ideal for me and my situation.
I just found out I will be stationed in Houston starting this summer and figured I should start finding out what the fish keeping scene is like down there. (although I suppose I should figure out where I am going to live first, but I was never good with priorities lol). So where does everyone get there fish from? Are there some highly recommended LFS's around there? Also being from a cold weather climate most my life, this was never possible, but does it stay warm enough down there to have tropical fish outdoors year round (obviously a heater would be needed, and maybe like an insulated cover, but is it something that can be done realistically?

I have been keeping fish since as long as I remember, but keeping fish of my own probably since like 2000. I'm originally from NY, but I've been stationed in San Diego and Atlantic City for the last 8 years (4 years each). Other interests would probably be finding a park and playing pick up basketball.