Up for grabs are the following:

$100 = total of about 45lbs of good substrate.
Good deal for bee shrimp keepers. Saving about $75
**(1) New 9 liter bag of ADA Soil(Malaya Type)
This substrate is proven to get your ph down to 5.5-6.5
**25lbs of (Like New) ADA Soil(Normal Type) mixed with a little bit of mineral rocks.
This is equivalent to (2.5) 9 liter bags of substrate.
I started to cycle a tank with this soil for 2 weeks. Plans then changed and ended up not using it.

$60 = (2) Biological Filtration Additives & (1) Bee Shrimp GH Conditioner 500ml
**MK Breed Z-Silver Powder
**MK Breed Golden Powder
**SL Aqua Blue Wizard Bee Shrimp GH Conditioner (500ml)

$20 Ship Decoration (Never Used)

Located between Downtown and Pearland
First come first serve basis
PM for further discussions.