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Thread: the aca show

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    the aca show

    I'm probably talking to myself here but thats ok because I know I'm not crazy.The aca convention was in clear lake over the weekend.I got there fri afternoon stayed at the hotel fri sat night.Maybe 200 people registered.Charles and the rest of the club folks put on a fine show.Had a fish show w lots of oddball you guessed it cichlids.Had several vendors selling fish and dry goods.There was a good speaker line up.Sadly,the topics all centered around tropical habitat destruction.the girls had their annual pg rated late night fish auction complete with free booze things got crazy as usual.Raising money for cichlid conservation.You cant beat that.they had a dinner sat night with a funny money auction.The bbq was good,passed on the auction I was done.the auction started 10 am.Lots of cool fish ,lots of tangs for a change thanks Toby.There were some bargains but for the most part prices were strong.If you were into cichlids you could find something.Always wanted Paratroplus nourissati.They rare and pricey.A bag of 3 went for $250 and a bag of 6 for $450.I'm gonna keep looking at pictures.In the auction and vendors I got G. gymnogenys,G balzani,Thoracochromis demeusii,G stergiosi,others.Had a great weekend,saw alot of people a havent seen for a while.

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    I went to the auction. Picked up 8 bags of Cyps and ParaCyps, mostly from Toby. Lots of good hard to find fishes. Thanks to all, especially Charles. Thanks to Toby as well, for bring what I was looking for.
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    Great report i missed all because im not into cichlids and it was to far away from me.
    Anyway u bring back memories as i used to fish balzani and others thanks rob

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