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Thread: average life of an aquarium?

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    average life of an aquarium?

    Hello all. I have a 135 gallon Oceanic that is at least 20 years old. It sits empty now and has been stored in my garage for several years now. What is the average life of an aquarium? It has never leaked but I am scared to set it up again because I have new hard wood floors. 135 gallons can do a lot of damage. Any advice would be appreciated! I miss my fish!

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    Reseal it yourself, or have someone reseal it. If glass and trim are in good shape then a reseal should last another 20 years.

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    Id recommend a reseal on that tank if its been sitting in a garage for a while.
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    There is a guy who advertises on OfferUp (phone app) or Craigslist from the Tomball area to reseal tanks for $1/gal I think if you don't want to do it yourself. I resealed a 75gal and it definitely helps to have another set of hands/eyes to help put it together. I personally wouldn't want to do a tank that large because it's cumbersome to deal with..

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