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Thread: Tropheus Ikola

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    Tropheus Ikola

    Ive always wanted to start a colony of tropheus ikola but I have almost no clue how to run an african cichlid tank. I was wondering if there was a good forum on here or a website y'all trust that I can do my homework on africans and more specifically the tropheus.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'll have the flakes to start, thanks.
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    Thanked 70 Times in 67 Posts is now pretty much a dead site but do some digging and you should find what you need.

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    I wouldn't recommend starting out with tropheus they are better suited for an experienced keeper. Start with mbuna and if you can keep them for a while without nitrates getting above 20 ppm and not feeding just normal old fish food but a specialized diet, keep a single species with multiple males and keep aggression at bay, and maintain a stable ph between 8-9. Also learn to treat bloat, trophs are notorious for it.

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