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Thread: Getting back into the hobby!

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    Getting back into the hobby!

    Hello! I'm new to the box. I was very involved in aquariums mainly freshwater about 7 years ago. I was actually part of the Dallas Fishbox for a long time. My girlfriend suggested I should get back into the hobby Thursday morning and by Thursday night I already had the tank bought of Craigslist. Set it up Friday morning and put my first set of fish in there Saturday night. Nothing big, just a good size 55G. For now. I'm aiming for an African Cichlid tank and so far I think it's going great.

    As as a side question, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find honeycomb limestone in the wild or any rock yards that would sell it for cheap. I know I would have to clean it but I don't mind doing that. I am actually located in College Station but wouldn't mind driving if it means getting this awesome rock for my tank. It's what I mostly need to complete my set up.

    Anyways, here's an album of my setup Any criticism is welcomed. Glad to be back!

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    Welcome to the box and welcome back to the hobby...Nice clean 55 gallon you picked up...Good luck in your search for decent holey rock...Keep us updated!

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    Welcome back to the hobby
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    Welcome to the Box!
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    Looks nice and clean. I like the dark substrate - it will bring out the colors in the cichlids. Unless you just like the look, you don't need the air-stones buried under the substrate - you will get plenty of oxygenation because of the HOB filters - in fact, too much aeration will cause algae buildup. Just an fyi. Welcome back to the hobby.

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    I can get you honeycomb limestone, how big or how many pieces do you need?
    Shoot me a PM

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    Looks pretty good tank!

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