Watts arent the thing you guage whats best for keeping corals. Its the PAR that reaches the corals. I would only use PC bulbs for supplement and not the main light source. I would only go with T5, MH, or LEDs. IMO T5 with individual reflectors are the best right now for shallower tank. MH are better for deeper tanks becuase it penetrates the water better with more PARs. LED is the best at penetration of PARs but the spread on light is not as good as MH so you need a lot of LEDs to cover the same area as one MH. I am running 3x 250W MH on my 330 and my corals love it. But its also all about placement. I have my high light corals at the highest point like my SPS and my low light one on the bed like acans and brain corals. I am personally a fan of MH because they have a great light spread, are proven workhorses for many years, and have great PAR penetration, and I love the shimmer. All of those are worth the heat which I find isnt that hard to remove for cheap and corals can stand higher temps than 80 contrary to what everyone tries to tell you.