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Thread: Help my Flame Angel found stuck in intake

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    Help my Flame Angel found stuck in intake

    Hey all So I've been battling ich on my FOWLR tank and two of my fish were effected big time. So I added a uv sterilizer and been feeding my fish variety of different foods with garlic. So this morning I found my flame angel stuck on the intake of my pump. I quickly turned it off and my flame angel started spinning around in circles. He eventually stopped and started to lay on the floor and just breathing heavily. So every 30 minutes he gets up an swims to a different spot. It's been 8 hours and he's been doing the same thing. He's kind of off colored in some spots. I took some pics. I added stress cost marine to my tank hoping it would heal him and return any slime he's missing. I also bought topfin breeder box net and placed him in it so he won't get bothered by other fish and crabs. My ich seems to be under control. Ive been treating it for 2 weeks with kordon ich. It's the only option I had. I don't have another tank to qt them in and my wife wouldn't let me get one. She can't even stand I have this saltwater tank IoI. I currently have a hang on protein skimmer with live rock and sand. I also have a fluval canister with only clear max and carbon running. I also just added a uv sterlizer. So any advice would be surely appreciated. Do you think my fish will recover on his own?
    This pic was taken last night

    I am here:
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    I think the only thing you can do is to let him try and recover on his own, most of the time if they are weak enough to get sucked into the intake they were already starting to give up on life.

    Good luck.
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    +1 when they get to that stage its almost a sure gonner. I have yet to have one make it. GL with yours.

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