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Thread: Holy Banana Gear Bag Sale (Luxe Included)

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    I am as close to Dagon as you can get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ometh View Post
    lol that tank better come with alot lol!
    It comes with a lot of cracks lol he is selling it for $25.00
    75g Tank,
    2- Wild Scalare Angel 2-wild Angel snakeskin, 2-half blue half black Angels, 5-Guianacara Geayi, 4- Blue Rams(1m/3f), 1- L144, 1- Pleco unknown type 1-Blue Neon Goby
    2.5g Mini Monter - Shrimp Tank
    10-RCS, 1-Red Sakura 5-Malawa, 8-Boraras Brigittie, 1-Adonis Pleco, 1-Zebra Nerite, 1-Horned Nerite
    10g Tank
    Hospital 2-F. Endlers

    2-29g Empty Tank, 20L Empty Tank , 125g Empty Tank[SIGPIC]

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    Mmmmm...shrimp pellets.
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    haha he could buy a pod of paint then

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    Still trying to sell all these barely used gear.
    ADA 90H Large Cube Garden - Under Construction (waiting for ADG to have Aqua Soil)
    Crypt Nurrii, Blyxa Jap, Blyxa Aubertii, HC, Micro Sword, HM, Hydro Verticillata, Telanthera, Hydro Sibthoripiodies, more to come.

    26G High - Baller Ebi Tank - CRS and Otto Cat
    HM, Hydro Verticillata, Limnobium Spongia (Frogbit), Azolla, Pistia Stratiotes (Water Lettuce)

    5G - Emmerse Tank -
    HC, HM, Hydro Sibthoripiodies,

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