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Thread: needn help

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    needn help

    just got this moray hes the only tank occupant but really need to know ratio for his water abd can i use pre mixed water from lfs and can i use a regular hob with airator the tank has argonite sand and holy rock will this hurt him?

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    Moray eel? Type?

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    I'm assuming this is a brackish moray, but given that then it sounds like a great tank for him. I'll try and answer your questions in order.
    1. Water - Brackish is ideally measured with a Hydrometer (not expensive and recommend getting one, easy to use) and brackish should be from 1.002 to 1.025. Ideally he should be on the upper part of that scale or 'high end brackish'. One great thing about brackish enviroments are that they shift and change greatly in the wild, so minor shifts should not be that traumatic for fish from this enviroment. Imagine a river mouth and how it will vary with rainfall and ocean tides.
    2. premixed water - is great to use, with a hydrometer you'll be easily able to guage your specific gravity and get your water exactly where you want it.
    3. Filtration - a HOB and air stone will be fine, though they are messy so be sure to keep tabs on the other parameters in the tank. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates can quickly get out of control in smaller systems with large predators that produce large wastes. Just treat it like any other tank you have though.
    4. Substrate and Holey Rock - Using Argonite and Holey rock is perfect for him as it will buffer the water toward the alkaline levels (Ph 8.2+) and will be appreciated. I have seen many marine aquarists use holey rock as filler rock under live rock for corals.

    5. Considerations - although sold as 'brackish', the morays will tend toward marine especially as they grow and become adults. They can also get quite sizable and are quite long-lived if provided adequate conditions.

    All in all, I applaud you for providing what it will need and let us know what worked and what did not. I have only sketchy stories about those brackish morays and would love to hear a far more technical account of how they fared and your thoughts on keeping them as viable pets.
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    why not ask previous owner?


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